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The organization A Rinascita created in 1975 by Antoine Feracci, the current President, is an organization “Association Loi 1901”, recognized as Environment Protection Association and as a Permanent Initiative Centre for the Environment Corte Centre Corse since 2007.

The group is part of the CPIE national network counting 80 associations; our organization is strongly linked to the territory and it works on the environment and sustainable development by three actions: searching, developing and communicating. Our aim is to make people understand that everybody can act as an eco-citizen in order to protect the natural and cultural heritage.

The association is engaged in a strategy to increase the sustainable development on its territory through different sectors. The organization is multi-sectoral: the environment centre, the social centre, and the Centre of Scientific and Technical Culture.

We have decided to work with a broad, interdisciplinary approach on water issue. In this context, we develop the main project of the organization: “Regional Water and Aquatic Environments Resource Centre” or more simply “Casa di l’Acqua”.


A Rinascita is an organization « association loi 1901 » created in May 1975 by Antoine Feracci.

In June 2007, the association was recognized as a Permanent Centre of Initiatives for the Environment in Corte – Centre Corse; the main goal is to protect, to animate, to educate, to restore, to inform and to help the city of Corte and its surroundings.

What is a CPIE?


A CPIE (Permanent Centre of Initiatives for the Environment) is a recognized organization that is responsible of two activities to promote sustainable development:

-          To develop a campaign which aims to raise awareness and to improve the environmental education,

-          To give help to the territories to improve public policies and projects.


CPIE, main actors on the territory

Every organization, recognized as a CPIE by the National Union, is created by local citizens’ initiatives thanks to the richness of the community life and of the professionals.

The deep knowledge of the territory and of its problems legitimizes the activities of the organization.

All the CPIE focus their attention on the environment and the sustainable development. These organizations include educators and partners that are on the front line to realize different projects in cooperation with the socio-economical actors in order to meet with different environmental users’ approval and to grow the sustainable development.

CPIE, a mesurable reality

  • 80 CPIE
  • 16 regional unions
  • 900 employees
  • 7500 members, a third of which are  legal entities (public and local authorities, associations)
  • 40 million of fixed funds coming from users, public authorities, State’s services and companies)


Common values


All CPIE share the same vision about the environment based on common values:

  • Humanity
  • The promotion of active citizenship, the engagement of citizens as well as the active participation and planning,
  • The respect of the scientific knowledge.


In addition to the values that the CPIE share, they comprise three main actions: to search, to develop and to communicate.


Specific actions

The CPIE organizations operate through their experts.


Every CPIE:

  • builds relationships with the territory, the elective representatives, the socio-economical actors and develops contractual relations with the lenders ( in particular the territorial collectivity),
  • develops an extended network of knowledge and know-how that can be used in loco or at national level.


Users of the CPIE

In cooperation with the local actors (State’s services, authorities, associations, companies, consular cooperation…), every CPIE creates actions addressed to:

  • the exponents and the specialists of the regional and inter-communal authorities
  • the socio-professional actors,
  • schools, students and educational institutions
  • citizens


Examples of actions to raise awareness and to teach environmental education

  • To alert the local representatives to adopt environmentally sound maintenance practices;
  • To create projects for the general public and an exhibition on the use of plant protection products;
  • To create an educational tool on forest biodiversity;
  • To elaborate and create an educational activities program on waste management;
  • To realize an exhibition for the general public on the impact of climate change.


Examples of territories’ accompanying actions

  • Environmental analysis to elaborate a Local Urban Plan;
  • Entertainment of a meeting between representatives, farmers and citizens to create an action plan for the development of wind energy;
  • The development of a natural area through an inter-communal hiking trail;
  • Development of an exchange network of environmental data in cooperation with the National Museum of Natural History, the Provincial Directorate for Infrastructures and Agriculture and the National Office of Water and Aquatic Environment;
  • To help the collectivity in developing sustainable development practices based on Agenda 21;
  • Implementation of work camps to renovate sensitive natural areas (flows, dry meadows, clearings or wooded areas).


Our organization CPIE Corte Centre Corse is well-established on the territory and we build relations, exchange, share and work in cooperation with the main actors of the region on a large scale: municipalities, the country…


The organization A Rinascita has a key role in Corte ‘social, educational, cultural and environmental life.

Thanks to the social pole, it offers different and complementary projects according to needs and expectations of the inhabitants. To develop this, we have different available means:

-          A Social Centre

-          A Youth Information Office

-          An Internet Access Point

Since its creation, our organization has developed social actions so the institutional and technical partners involved in social activities have recognized the importance of our presence. We have been recognized as:

-          Family Life Association by the National Union of the Associations

-          Youth Association by the Ministry of Youth and Sport

-          Social Centre by CAF since 1990

-          Instructor Office of the Minimum Insertion Income by the Prefecture

We have also been invited to cooperate with:

-          The Regional Centre for schools and university works

-          Municipal Centre for the Social Action

-          Regional Youth Information Centre

-          Local Integration Commission

-          Social Environment Committee of the School of Corte

-          French Family Allowance Funds

-          Departmental Confederation of Family Organizations

-          Hygiene Commission of Haute Corse

-          Dialysis Association of Provence Cote d’Azur Corsica


The environment entertainment activity tries to support teachers and supervisors of the leisure centre to develop environmental education activities.

All the pedagogical activities that we propose to schools are adapted to each level and they are created by following the official programs of the National Education. We don’t want to replace teachers but we would like to provide a technical and recreational complement on current environmental issues (in particular on the theme of water) and to discover the natural and cultural heritage of Corsica.

For all the teachers who would like to realize a class project on the themes of water or heritage, the centre proposes the following pedagogical programs:

  • Ecol’Eau 4 activities in the class and 2 educational trips
  • The program “Discovering the Heritage around my school” 3 activities in the class and 1 school trip near the school.

Concerning the end-of-year school trips, we invite you to participate to the pedagogical and scientific activities to discover different sites.

We propose to the leisure centres activities on different themes (flora and fauna, heritage, biodiversity, waste, water issue, water power…).

We remain at the disposal of centres’ supervisors to help them in the creation of their pedagogical project by proposing a broad choice of recreational and pedagogical activities.

CSTI (Centre of Scientific and Technical Culture in Corsica)

Territorial Reference Centre of CSTI in Corsica and regional coordinator of the Science Festival.

The organization A Rinascita CPIE Corte Centre Corse heads the scientific and technical culture network in Corsica; the association has recently been recognized by the State, the Region, DRAC (Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs) and the Rectorate as “Territorial Reference Centre of CSTI in Corsica”.

In a changing national context where the scientific culture in public policies is growing, A Rinascita opens new scientific culture perspectives in Corsica.

We have qualified personnel in different scientific fields, spaces to welcome the public (a multimedia room), a multidisciplinary scientific council and we cooperate with the University of Corsica. Furthermore, we plan to develop a regional centre of water resources and a scientific mediators training program.

We are also involved in different European projects and our actions have a high territorial impact. The regional network of CPIE is present on all the territory (Ajaccio, Bastia and Corte).

Considering the industrial and technological development, Corsica has a great natural heritage and the fact that the association is considered as a “territorial reference centre” of CSTI is a great honour. Our aim is to develop, organize and coordinate the CSTI on all the territory and we follow our mission as regional coordinator for the Science Festival to give it the suitable importance.




The project “Casa di l’Acqua”, Regional Water and Aquatic Environments Resource Centre, is the CPIE key project that started four years ago.

Knowledge, missions and services of this structure influence the entire region.

La Casa di l’Acqua is a pedagogical centre for environment education and sustainable development to preserve water resources for a sustainable management…

A pedagogical place:

-          To educate and to raise awareness

-          To preserve water environment

-          To develop different tools


A place to welcome the public:

-          Practical activities

-          Interactive animations

-          Exhibitions, museum


A place of training:

-          Area of animation (BAFA/BAFD)

-          Conferences and multimedia courses

-          Scientific journalism


A place of technical assistance:

-          To give advice to local actors

-          To help creating a new project


Thanks to the established Euro-Mediterranean collaborations and to the broad development of the studies realized in this regional project, the Executive Committee of the REMEE European program (Rediscovering Together the Memory of Water in the Mediterranean) has recently given the project “Casa di l’Acqua” the label “Maison Méditérranéen de l’Eau” by increasing resources and by promoting the project in the whole Mediterranean Area.